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Indie Author: Year One

I had a Theme for my first year as an Indie Author. It was ‘Impossible’, only with the ‘Im’ crossed out.

When I sat down December of 2016 and wrote down what I wanted to accomplish in 2017, I felt stomach-churning fear. I had no idea how to do any of the things I dreamed of in the coming year, much less if I’d be able to do them.

After a great pep talk from my husband and many glasses of holiday cheer, I took a deep breath and started 2017 with a prayer and a hope.  The first six months I stumbled along, trying to revise book two of The Vigilantes, trying to figure out how to launch a website, how to get email subscribers and what in the world I was going to do for a book launch plan. All of it made me scared silly.

Then in June things started to come together.

Here’s how it happened, and what I hope to accomplish in 2018.

Year One as an Indie Author

I see Joanna Penn doing year in review posts, and it’s really amazing to be able to look back at her early years as an author.  I get to see what she went through, the questions she had and the mistakes she made and bounced back from. So, if it’s good enough for a Bestselling Author like Joanna Penn, it’s good enough for me.

I published my first TWO books.

Yep, not just one but TWO books!  I had them ready to go, that was always the goal and so I released them within a month of each other. Though I think it definitely helped to do this, I would’ve done a few things differently.

For starters, I would’ve released the first book in September so I could release the second in October as opposed to in November. The last two months of the year feel very hard for a beginning author to get traction and I think I would’ve gotten more out of staying away from November altogether.

Another thing I would’ve changed was that I would’ve worked harder to have a third book to release.

Now, this was something I considered, to be honest. Everything I’d heard said that three books released in quick succession can make an author much more “sticky” in the rankings.  The next book of The Vigilantes is a novella and takes place actually in between book one and book two, so if I could’ve had it ready, releasing it within this time frame would’ve been really good.  But, the novella was very hard to write for some reason and has gone through many revisions. There was no way for it to be ready until January.  Would waiting until then have been a better choice? Maybe, maybe not.

I wrote a free Novella and grew a subscription list, i.e. the VIP’s

This was something that I resisted for so long! I didn’t want to write something and give it away. I didn’t want to write a novella or anything I just wanted to dig in and focus on my full-length books.

And then I started Bryan Cohen’s Selling For Authors course.

He was adamant that the only way to be a professional and build my subscriber list was to do this. So, with my teeth grit, I took two weeks off from revising the second book and wrote the novella Serpent.   The results were astounding.

When I started June I had about twenty-something subscribers, mainly friends and family.  As of now, I have over a thousand!

And why? Several factors.

One is definitely the free novella. It’s a great story first of all, and it’s professional cover and editing make it something of value when people get it for free. It’s also a great entre into the world of The Vigilantes and who I hope to be as an author.

The other part here is that I took time to set up a professional email service and a series of fantastic emails that let’s new subscribers know who I am and what to expect from me. This sequence will need updates and tweaks, of course, but it’s been an amazing tool to get my subscribers excited about being on my list.

I owned being an Indie Author-Entrepreneur

That’s right, like a BOSS!

Even a year ago the thought that I was an Entrepreneur was incredibly uncomfortable.

Entrepreneurs are smarter than me, more put together. They wear Dior skirts, have Michael Kors handbags and go to lunch meetings with investors. They don’t have to clean up the peanut butter their son left on their sweater. Or learn how to Market in between soccer practice and Behavior Therapy appointments.

Or do they?

I took a chance at some point this year (probably around the time I was getting complete strangers to sign up to my email list) and whispered to myself “I am an author-entrepreneur”.  Then I said it to myself again, and again until I started saying it with more confidence. Then, one day, I found myself believing that this could really be me.

And now:   I am an author-entrepreneur.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have doubt.  Every day there are moments, even hours of doubt. Where all I can think of is the fact I haven’t sold a book in four days so how in the world am I an entrepreneur?  Then I remember that all the people in this business I look up to started this way. They weren’t bestsellers overnight, or over a year. They worked their butts off and did epic battle with their doubts to get where they are.

If they can do it, so can I. I am just as worthy of success as they are, and I will do what it takes to get there.

Which brings us to-

Coming Soon in 2018: Year Two as an Indie Author

This year I’m stepping it up. For any of you that saw my book production board on Facebook, you’ll know that I have very aggressive goals for 2018. A reader asked how in the world I could keep that pace. The answer is:  This is what professional authors do.  They get their butts in the chair and hands on the keyboard every day.

So this year, I have a daily goal of 2,000 words. Not counting my one day off a week, of course

I will be publishing three new novels: one novella and two full-length ones.

And, I’m going to be part of a Superhero ebook boxed set

Now that’s the production side of it, how about the business side?

I’m still learning this part, and believe me when I say it feels like a never-ending uphill climb. The best part though? I’m loving it!

I am going to learn Amazon ads, how to run campaigns and how to understand the data.

I will increase and maintain good engagement with my VIP’s (my newsletter list) and my Facebook and Twitter followers.

I will grow the relationships I’ve started with other authors and make new author friends.

This may seem kinda vanilla, but it’s the foundation of where I want to go. And if my foundation isn’t solid, then I can’t build the kind of business I want to build.


Well, that’s me. How about you? What were some of the highlights of your year? What are you going to accomplish in the coming year? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!



Instructions on Flying: First let go

It was a sunny fall afternoon. I had just finished brunch with my best friend and was sitting in my car crying.  This was a breaking point, a reckoning of sorts.  I had been trying to balance being a new mother with being an actress, and it wasn’t working.

I had known from a young age that I wanted a creative life.  And if that meant sacrificing having kids to do it, then so be it. Then my husband came along. He told me that we were a team and together we could make it work. He was and still is, a true partner, doing everything he could to support me as I tried to claw my way back up the indie acting ladder.

But on this day it was clear to me that it just wasn’t enough. That realization broke my heart and terrified me.

I knew I would shrivel without a creative outlet, but I also knew that I couldn’t be an actress anymore.

What followed was a year or two of trying to fill that creative void with things mothers are supposed to do. I baked, I tended a garden, I made all kinds of things from food to playdough from scratch.  But every time I’d end up feeling more depleted than filled up and I’d throw in the towel.

Then on another fall afternoon, something clicked.

When my husband and I were working our way through three years of infertility, I had written a novel as a way to distract myself.  It wasn’t a good novel. But I had finished and edited it with all the love I had wanted to give to a child. When we had that child (an exuberant and joyful little girl), the novel got shelved.   Before I fell in love with acting, I had wanted to be a novelist. I wondered, on that fall day,  if going back to that first creative love might be possible.

By this time, I’d had another child, and things had gone off the charts busy.  When I approached my husband about doing NaNoWriMo in 2015, he said ‘Yes’ with very little hesitation. He pitched in with meal prep, watching the kids after work and on weekends so I could have enough writing time. He read my second draft, gave story advice, supported me through every moment of self-doubt and fear, and cheered every victory no matter how small. He was patient as I interrupted conversations and had later than usual dinners because an idea had hit and I had to write it down.

When I decided to Indie Publish, he once again threw his support behind me wholeheartedly.  Going so far as to give me seed money from some of the proceeds of the sale of our townhouse. It’s safe to say that without my husband I would not, today, be launching my very first full-length novel.

Our path is never straightforward

I loved acting, and I was quite good at it too. I met my husband and some of my best friends through acting school and the indie film industry.  But when I look back on that day, crying in my car, I see the painful end of one thing creating the seeds of something new. Realizing this has brought something into sharp focus for me.

Our path in life is full of forks, twists and turns that both exhilarate and terrify us. Sometimes we refuse to take a particular turn, sitting down in terror at the unknown before us. Then, one day, the weight of doing nothing becomes more unbearable than the fear and we get up and start walking. For a lot of us, that one moment is the start of some of the most fulfilling endeavors of our lives.

That’s how I feel about being an Author. I am so grateful that in the midst of my fear I chose to trust my instincts and take those first trembling steps down a new path.

Today those steps have turned into leaps and increasingly I find myself doing what the song says: Defying Gravity.  This is the life I dreamed of all those years ago as a child. I didn’t get here the way I thought I would. That’s ok. It’s no less fulfilling. And when I feel those stomach dropping moments of fear and exhilaration, it really does feel like flying.

Is there something in your life that you’re struggling to let go of or begin?  Are you having a hard time seeing the possibilities that could come from letting go of something you’ve held dear? I know how that feels. If you want some support, please leave me a comment below or email me:

I look forward to hearing from you.

And, if you’d like to read the book that started it all, you can now purchase Serpent’s Sacrifice in Kindle ebook format from Amazon.


A New Urban Fantasy Hero to Love

Unleash (Spellhounds Book One) by Lauren Harris

I will admit that I have become burned out on Urban Fantasy. I often find it predictable, recycling the same old magic systems, problems, etc.

While Unleash does have some familiar elements, it still managed to fee fresh and exciting.

Here’s a little about the book from the author’s blurb before we go on.

Helena Martin doesn’t know who she hates more, the sorcerers who fired the magic laced bullet or the gang-lord master who used her mother as a shield. It’s not the price she expected for escaping magical slavery, nor is the unstable power now pulsing in her veins.

Caught between her former master’s hunters and the Guild of Sorcerers determined to kill them, she finds a safe haven at a dog rescue willing to take in a different kid of stray. But Helena’s newly-unleashed power is a beacon for her enemies. And they’re threatening the first place she’s ever thought of as home.

 I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, and here’s why

So yes, there are some elements here I’ve seen before. The difference? In the execution. The book starts off at break neck pace, doesn’t slow for several chapters. When it finally did I felt like I’d been running a marathon.  There are calm moments that are interrupted by fights, attacks and the unveiling of truth. The pacing and structure was spot on and only fell to explaining things once. Which in a book with a unique magic system, is pretty impressive.

And yes, you read that right, I said unique magic system.  I have become so bored with magic systems that were either too complex because the author was in love with their world building.  Or so simple that there were giant logical holes in the system that it was part of the reason I stopped reading the genre. This magic system, however, is based on Mandalas working with different metals; iron, gold, etc. And, since blood has iron, there is also a type of magic where you can use Mandalas and blood. The scene where the history of this is explained could’ve verged on the info dumping side if the author hadn’t built up to that moment the way she did. I didn’t care that I was getting a little history lesson because I was nervous about what the Guild was going to do the hero I had become very invested in. As well as just knowing that the bounty hunters were probably about to attack.

And that leads me to our hero: Helena Martin

I’ll admit that I also have been tired of the beautiful, thin and all powerful hero in Urban Fantasy. While Helena is pretty, thin, white and does have unique power, she is clueless about how to use it and so the author uses that as an opportunity to teach us a little about the magical system and about Helena too. The kind of childhood that Helena has had means she doesn’t trust anyone easily. She’s secretive, suspicious and scared. Instead of neatly resolving all of this so that Helena can boink the cute Korean guy quicker, or dumping it because it would be easier to write (like I’ve seen other authors do), the author full on embraces it. We see Helena’s painful PTSD, we see her inability to grieve for those she’s lost, the fear of trusting, the fear of bringing pain and death to anyone she might begin to care for. The author uses the past she’s given Helena to take us on that journey with her. It’s awesome, and even a little frustrating because I just wanted her to kiss the cute Korean guy already! By the time we reach the end of the book, though, I felt that Helena’s journey was all the more satisfying because of how true to the character the author stayed.

Even though Helena as a  white female is nothing new, the author surrounds her with a diverse cast of characters. The already mentioned Korean guy, a curvaceous lesbian, a woman with mental health struggles, an East Indian a sorceress, and a mixed race woman who runs a dog rescue.  I loved seeing the real world represented so well, without stereo types. In fact, there is much poking fun of said stereo types.

I also loved the ever present menace of the villain, who is “on screen” for very little time. The Guild was far more present, as well as the creepy bounty hunters. We see him at the beginning and the end, but I felt his presence throughout the entire book. I’ve seen other authors try to pull off something like this.  But they only succeeded in making it all feel clunky and over done. Not so here. I knew that this guy was haunting her every step, even when she thought he was dead.

One of the only things that kept me from giving it five stars was the formatting. There were some serious issues at certain points. These included key pieces of dialogue missing or combined with another characters, which made it difficult to figure out what was happening. There was also extra words in sentences that stopped my flow of reading. Sometimes this happened in the middle of a really tense moment. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of a handful of such things, but this was a rampant problem throughout the book and became frustrating by the end.

Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is or has been a fan of Urban Fantasy.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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