We all have very specific ideas when we think of the word Coven.

Witches dancing naked under the moon.

The American Horror Story show Coven.

Modern day Wicca’s with their earthy rituals.

I know this word has a rich religious meaning for those that practice Wicca and other Earth Mother rituals. I hope as I talk about what it means to me, that I do not offend any of you who practice this.

For me, the word coven makes me think of a group of true sisters that love and support one another. It’s a group of strong women, who cry and swear, laugh and love. They’re single,  married or in committed relationships. They’re mothers or childfree.  I imagine a group that is without judgment or sabotage. Where women flourish in their gifts, each person’s personality is cherished, seen as important, unique.

I’m thinking about this right now because I just watched “Practical Magic” for about the hundredth time.  And after every time I find myself yearning for a group of like-minded women who bring out the best in each other,  to find older women in life like the Aunts, who are wise, but not perfect.

Most of my life, I have felt a hollow yearning for a true group of sisters.

Sisterhood all around us

As I write this, however, I have realized that I have older women in my life (one in particular) who are wise and kind and strong. I have friends who are all so different but are bonded to me in ways no blood tie could ever come close to. We laugh, we argue, and we love each other, passionately.

When I go to someplace like Geek Girl Con, I feel moments of soul connection with the women around me that transcends the fact that we are all strangers.  I’m struck by the fact that sisterhood is all around us if we can stop and see it.

Nurturing this sisterhood might be a challenge for some of us. Maybe it means getting out of our comfort zone and acknowledging the common bond we share with a perfect stranger. Maybe it’s finally taking the plunge and organizing a monthly get together for you and all of your sisters.

For me, it would be both of these things. And it’s more specifically, getting out of my laser focus on work and children long enough to call a friend, reach out to the older women in my life and ask for help, or just listen someone.  Maybe even finding a way to get the book club I used to be a part of back together.   (Cuz really, book clubs could be our modern day kind of suburban coven if you think about it!)

What are some places you feel connected to other women? Is it a holy place like a church, synagogue or mosque? Is it your monthly book club? Maybe the cosplay group you meet with once a year at a Convention? I’d love to hear about it.