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Book Series: The Vigilantes

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Being a hero could cost her everything….

Ever since Alice was saved from her abusive father, she’s wanted to be a hero. But in 1960’s Jet City, women are supposed to want marriage and babies, not cowls and secret identities.

When Alice’s beloved aunt is brutally murdered by a new crime syndicate, she takes up the mantle of the Serpent, a heroine who has been protecting Jet City for decades. Fighting alongside the masked vigilantes American Steel and Shadowmaster, Alice vows to bring her aunt’s killer to justice.

But one mistake unleashes a nightmare villain. One who will stop at nothing to take control of the city and kill anyone who stands in the way.

Can Alice survive the battle and become the hero she was always meant to be? Or will the price be too much to bear?

If you like brave heroines, chilling villains, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Serpent’s Sacrifice, the first book in an exciting new superhero urban fantasy series! Get your copy today and suit up for the superhero adventure you’ve been looking for!

Available now on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!


She’s the hero the world needs, and she’s training for the rematch of her life…

Alice is out for revenge. After narrowly escaping death at the hands of her nemesis, she spends her days living undercover as a crippled heiress. By night, she plans for the moment she can finally take down the Phantasm…

When superpowered children are stolen from their homes, Alice immediately suspects her greatest enemy. As she follows the clues, two men from her past return, clouding her mind and tugging at her heart. With time running out and potential enemies at every turn, Alice must make a choice: continue to hide for a chance at revenge or save the children and announce to the world that the Serpent has returned…

Serpent’s Rise is the action-packed second book in a fast-paced superhero urban fantasy series. If you like three-dimensional characters, authentic 1960s settings, and high-stakes suspense, then you’ll love Trish Heinrich’s electrifying tale.

Available now on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!


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